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We really need your help to find a baby name! Friday, April 26, 2019

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It's a girl! Go here to read all about her!

But we figure it's the right thing to do. You see, when we married four years ago, she brought home a kitten (born the same day we were married). She said "what are we going to name it?" He said "I don't know!" (If y'all knew him, you'd know that was his favorite thing to say.)

That's when we knew we had a problem with naming things. For the cat's name we choose K.C. That, boys and girls, stands for Kitty Cat. We rest our case.

We really need help! I think the cat has a personality problem (see picture to right, actual artist's rendering) or something now related to its name. We would rather the kid be a little more stable.

Really screwed up cat picture

Actual drawing of what the cat does all day. (Well, this is the prettier part.)

Picture of an actual really should load images!!!

Artist's depiction of the alledged delivery driver.

The countdown to a baby girl is on!

The doctor says it's a little girl! (The doc showed us an ultrasound picture that "proves it's a girl". We think we know what proof we are looking for in the picture, but we just don't see it. Maybe it's what we don't see that counts.)

We are looking at November 6, 1997, as the due date. He says it will happen in a late October Gulf Coast hurricane. She says he's crazy. She's probably right.

Here's how you can help

Mail $29.95 to...(not really, but you could donate to your favorite children's charity if your wallet feels a need right now!)

All we ask is that you submit your favorite name for our baby. We need a girl's name, but we want to have a boy's name just in case.

If you are the first to submit the name we pick, we'll send you a $20 calling card just to say thanks!

Submit a name.

Take a look at names we have so far.

baby with lots of stuff

We figure she will really need a name by this age.

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