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We offer high quality, professional web page design. From the smallest site to the largest, our web design rates are the most competative in the South. Period. At alabama-net, you'll find top quality graphic design, innovative layout, outstanding technical support and a professional attitude. It all comes together to make your web page the best in your field. People will return again and again!

How Much Will It Cost Me?
low cost We don't charge by the hour. We don't charge by the page. We charge by the job. Why? We feel this is the fairest way to provide you with the best possible pages at the best possible price. No hidden charges. No surprises! None of that "it took us five hours to do this page" junk. You tell us what you want. And we'll tell you what it will cost. Pure and simple. All the graphics you desire. All the text. Javascript. Java. Multimedia. Whatever. One flat quote that we'll stick to. And did we mention that in most cases we'll even host your page for free? Curious? Here are a few example quotes:

  • A seven page, non virtual domain site cost $300.00 for design and six months free hosting on a DS-3 connection.
  • A ten page, virtual domain ( cost $500.00 for design and six months free hosting!

Of course, your quote may be a little higher or lower, depending on the complexity of your pages and graphics. But we can usually design and host your site for far less than others will charge you for just hosting.

Every site we sell comes with at least one hour of free updates a month, free search engine registration, multiple email addresses, extensive statistics and no additional charge! We even throw in free forms, counters and more goodies.

Years of graphic design and layout experience...
Your low cost web pages from alabama-net come with an added bonus. Years of graphic design and layout experience. Your graphics are designed on high quality equipment, using mostly CorelDraw® and Corel PhotoPaint®. Our designers have been in the graphic business for many years, including newspaper and magazine layout and design. We've even built a brand new newspaper from the ground up. What does then mean for you? Graphics and layout that make your web page stand out from the rest. We're not just the computer geek running an Internet Service Provider...we are graphics people that know how to get visual results.

I Just Need Plastic Surgery
If you already have a site on the 'Net, but you don't feel it is all that it can be, we can help. We can work with you to improve your existing site. And our rates are even lower than you'd expect for this "electronic plastic surgery".


Ok, how long is all this going to take?
That depends on the site and its complexity. But small sites can usually be completed in a day or two. Virtual domains can be ready to go in about a week. With alabama-net, you're not going to spend weeks waiting on your site!

What about your "free hosting"?
Here's the really good part about doing business with for your site is usually free! Free. Nada. Nothing. We're not talking some slow server either. We talking high speed. Our servers are connected to the Internet with DS-3 connections, plus T-1 backups. DS-3 is full fiber optic and is mega-times faster than your ISP's T-1. (If you're the technical type, try this on for size: Our average ping time to Mae East is 12 milliseconds. Wow, huh?)

You just do business in Alabama?
Not at all! Right now, we have clients around the globe. We're currently working on a project for a software company in Norway. Our home's in Alabama; and we do believe in traditional Southern values. But the Internet is global, and we do business across the world.

Ready to get started?
Jump on over to our design and hosting request form and get in touch. Or email us at There's no obligation, no cost to get information or a quote. We look forward to a long term business relationship!

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