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Pollard Today

Rich in history, Pollard, Alabama, is one of Alabama's smallest towns.

Pollard sits quietly along Old U.S. Highway 31 in Escambia County, between Flomaton and Brewton. A modern town hall with an artesian well sits on the site of an old white school. Neat wood-frame homes line the few streets and the once-busy railroad.

The railroad and steamboats brought Pollard to life in the 1800's. At one time, Pollard recorded a population of 3,500. Today, the number is around 100 (1990 census).

Pollard Town Hall
An artesian well flows in front of the town hall.
Life is quiet today in Pollard. It's one of those close communities where everyone knows their neighbor. Life is good for Pollard residents. The town hit a windfall a few years ago and made some wise investments.

The State of Alabama levies a severance tax on oil and gas. Pollard struck oil 1952. Pollard's leaders invested their share of the oil and gas tax into certificates of deposit and keep reinvested the interest until they had a nice $1 million nest egg for the town of 100.

With that nest egg, the town provides many free services to its residents, services that other towns and cities charge for. Residents of Pollard get free water, free bush-hog service and free garbage pickup. And then there's a service you won't find anywhere else. If your cow dies, it will be hauled away by the town truck if you call the mayor.

Life in Pollard is quiet. There are no stores, no factories. The streets are paved, and empty lots are keep mowed. Things have always been peaceful in Pollard. That's just the way life is.

Pollard escaped the civil-rights turmoil that plagued most of Alabama. Blacks and whites make up about equal parts of the population. The town did not even hold municipal elections for many years.

Those who wished to serve would just go down and qualify to run for office every four years. They would always get into office without opposition. That did not change until an election in 1996, where 80 of 81 voters turned out.

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